AMJA 16th Annual Imams Conference

Early Bird Registration Deadline: Dec 31st, 2018
Registration Deadline: Jan 31st, 2019 or registration maximum capacity reached.

Topics for the 16th AMJA Imams’ conference

Contemporary Financial Issues

(Buying Real Estate and Retirement Accounts)



Contemporary Issues related to Buying Real Estate

  1. Taking Advantage of Government Loans in order to Buy a House.

  2. Buying Direct from Real Estate Development Companies

  3. Buying a Mortgaged House Directly from its Owner

  4. Buying Commercial Properties Leased for Businesses Engaged in Forbidden Practices

  5. Purchasing on Behalf of Another who is not Able To Buy

  6. Selling Real Estate to Someone who is Going to get an Interest-Based Loan to Purchase the Property

  7. Buying Houses via Paying off the Remaining Mortgage Payments

  8. Buying Houses via Short Sales

  9. Buying Houses Directly from the Banks

  10. Repenting from Purchasing a House via Interest 

Retirement Accounts and Their Rulings

  1. Different Types of Retirement Accounts with Respect to Being Able to Withdraw Funds from Them

  2. The Zakaat Ruling for the Various Types of Retirement Funds

  3. Mixed Accounts (Having Pure and Haraam Funds) and not Being Able to Free Oneself from the Haraam Aspects

  4. Withdrawing and Borrowing from Retirement Accounts

  5. Investment Funds and what is Permitted or Forbidden Concerning Them

  6. Life Insurance and the Extent to which it is Permitted in a Case of Need

Other Contemporary Financial Issues (Two Lecture)

  1. Payments for Physical or non-Physical Damages and the Extremes that the Payments go to

  2. Savings Accounts with the Intention of Not Keeping any of the Additional Monies Received

  3. Entering into a Partnership with one who Borrows with Interest and the Profits Resulting from Investing with Interest-Based Capital

  4. To What Extent are Debts Fulfilled from an Ethical/Moral Perspective when they are Dropped from a Judicial Perspective, regardless of whether it be an individual’s debt or an institution’s or company’s debt


Post-Conference Workshops




Main Conference (March 1st – 3rd, 2019)

Early Bird Cost: (Registration completed and paid by Dec 31st, 2018)

Main Conference: $75 for Imams, $125 for students of knowledge.

Regular Cost: (Registration completed and paid between Jan 1st and Jan 15th, 2019)

Main conference: $100 for Imams, $150 for students of knowledge


  • Shared Room Accommodations (2 per room) (Friday & Saturday nights only)

  • Meals starting Friday night until Sunday noon (6 meals).

  • Conference Materials

Post-Conference workshop (March 4th, 2019)

Monday post-conference workshops: $100 for Imams only. Includes:

  • Shared room accommodation on Sunday night (Feb 26th) only.

  • Meals starting Sunday night until Monday noon

  • Workshop material

Participants must reserve hotel rooms as needed. No rooms will be automatically reserved, including complimentary rooms.

Rooms reservation must be completed and submitted by Jan 15th, 2019

Extra charges apply for an extra stay or private room

AMJA guarantees accommodation ONLY for those who registered before the deadline.

AMJA can accommodate roommate requests only if requested partner consents and both attendees are arriving and departing on same days.  

No children under 16 years of age are allowed in conference halls.  No accommodations for childcare will be provided.