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The Halal and Haram in Food and Medicine


Top Speaker PDF Audio
Fatwas related to Contemporary Nutrients and Medicine Salah AlSawy Ph.D  bg-pdf audio
The Meat of the People of Innovation Waleed AlManeese Ph.D  bg-pdf audio
The Meat of the People of The Book in Light of the Quranic Text Dr. Ahmed Aboseif  bg-pdf audio
‎On the Methods of Live Stock Slaughter in the US Abdelhameed Badawy  bg-pdf audio
A Comparison of the Halakhic and Shariah Requirements for Animal Slaughter Yasir Qadhi Ph.D  bg-pdf audio
Islamic Ruling on Slaughtering in the Name of Allah, and its Relation to Tawheed and Shirk Deya ud-Deen Eberle  bg-pdf audio
Islamic Ruling on the Issue of Meat Elsayed Abdullah  bg-pdf audio
The Fiqh of Mechanical Slaughter Ikram ul Haq  bg-pdf audio
‎Transformation and Its Effect on the Change of the Form and Application of the Ruling Dr. Abdulhameed Salem  bg-pdf audio
‎Islamic Slaughtering: The Vertical Cut Issue Abdullah Nana  bg-pdf audio
Issues Pertaining to Respirators in Islam Dr. Yasser Elrashidi  bg-pdf audio
Issues Related to Slaughtering, Nutrition and Medicine Dr. Hossam Ashour  bg-pdf audio