Annual Imams Conferences

Imams and religious leaders are in the frontline assisting the community at large in their Islamic needs. They are looked up to as individuals who can guide them as they navigate spiritual and worldly matters in a knowledgeable and insightful manner. They expect their imam to have not only an intellectually sophisticated understanding of Islamic sources but also a keen appreciation of the Western contexts in which they are living.

This led AMJA to provide another service to the Muslim community – Imams Conference. Our signature conferences have been an asset to various Imams throughout the North American Continent. In these conferences, we discuss various issues pertaining to the role of the Imam in our community as a minority. In all these issues we identify issues of jurisprudence, analyze them, research them, and offer solutions based on the understanding of the American culture and reality and the traditional understanding of our religion.

Since the admission to these conferences is usually subsidized and the hotel room is also paid for by AMJA, AMJA can only host 150 Imams per year and accepts Imams on a first come first served bases.

Why attend?

AMJA Imams Conference is one of a kind. There are plenty of reasons why Imams should attend, below are just a few:

  • Be introduced to relevant academic findings.
  • Meet with great and knowledgeable scholars.
  • Network with other Imams from all over the US.
  • Be challenged to consider new ideas.
  • Ask challenging questions.
  • Further your knowledge about relevant topics.
  • Take a break and enjoy some time off.

"I highly recommend all the Imams and Students of Knowledge to attend AMJA Imams Annual Conference. It was cutting edge with current challenges and opportunities relevant to today’s issues facing my community. I attended their 8th conference and it provided expert speakers with real experience about the issue discussed and various opinions as to how to solve it."- Shaykh Ibrahim Sultan, New York

In the past the following issues were discussed:

AMJA's Annual Imams Conference


 b2ap3_thumbnail_Mosque.png  Principles of Giving Religious Rulings (Fatwaa) 


 b2ap3_thumbnail_Mosque.png  Contemporary Fiqh Matters of New Muslims In The West 


 b2ap3_thumbnail_Mosque.png  Contemporary Fiqh Matters of Da'wah in the West


 b2ap3_thumbnail_Mosque.png  Contemporary Issues Facing Islamic Centers in the West


   Contemporary Topics Facing Muslim Women in the West


   Foods and Medicines in non-Muslim Lands


 b2ap3_thumbnail_Media_20151204-215849_1.png  Issues Surrounding Islam in the Media


   Islamic Arbitration: Guidelines and Procedures


   Contemporary Issues Facing Muslim Youth in the West


   Careers in Between Permissibility and Prohibition


 b2ap3_thumbnail_Faith.png  Muslim Community and Interfaith Dialogue


   Political Involvement of Muslims living in the West


   Contemporary Investment Models and Islamic Law