AMJA’s statement regarding the commencement of the blessed month of Ramadan 1439H

Author: Resident Fatwa Committee
| Category: Current Events

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Grantor of Mercy Congratulations from AMJA on the fast-approaching blessed month of Ramadan. We pray that Allah accepts everyone’s fasting, rewards our righteous efforts, and that He does not allow the month of Ramadan to depart without forgiving our sins and including us in those He saved from the Hellfire.
We shall follow up with observing the crescent heralding the start of Ramadan throughout the day tomorrow, Tuesday May 15, 2018  by the permission of Allah, and will issue an official statement by 8:30 PM (PST), or earlier depending on the sighting of the moon.

May Allah accept our righteous actions and bless us all.
AMJA Resident Fatwa Committee

Resident Fatwa Committee

AMJA Resident Fatwa Committee.
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