Imams’ Conference RFC RecommendationsOnline VersionPDF VersionStatus
AMJA's 16th Annual Imams Conference - 2019 - Conference on Contemporary Financial Issues (Real Estate and Retirement Accounts)viewviewongoing
AMJA's 15th Annual Imams Conference - 2018 - Texas Principles of Giving Religious Rulings (Fatwaa)viewviewongoing
AMJA's 14th Annual Imams Conference - 2017 - Chicago Contemporary Issues Related to New Muslimsviewviewongoing
AMJA's 12th Annual Imams Conference - 2015 - Chicago Contemporary Issues Facing Islamic Centers in the Westviewviewongoing
AMJA's 11th Annual Imams' Conference – 2014 - Dallas Islamic Home Financing Companies in the USviewviewongoing
Annual Convention DeclarationOnline VersionPDF VersionConvention Page
AMJA’s 11th convention – 2018 - Istanbul Contemporary Dawah Issues in non-Muslim Landsviewview
AMJA’s 10th convention – 2014 - Kuwait Recent Issues Facing the Muslim Woman Outside of the Muslim Landsviewview
AMJA's 9th convention - 2013 - Kuwait Foods and Medicines in non-Muslim Landsviewview
AMJA’s 7th convention – 2010 - Kuwait Islamic Arbitration: Guidelines and Proceduresviewview
AMJA’s 6th convention – 2009 - Canada Contemporary Issues Facing Muslim Youth in the Westviewview
AMJA’s 5th convention – 2007 – Bahrain Careers in Between Permissibility and Prohibitionviewview
AMJA’s 4th convention – 2006 - Egypt Political Involvement of Muslims living in the Westviewview
‎AMJA’s 3rd convention – 2005 – Nigeria Coexistence Between Civilizationsviewview
AMJA’s 2nd convention – 2004 – Denmark Issues Facing the Muslim Family in the Westviewview