Fatwa ID: 22905
Title: Question related to Adultery
Category: Varieties
Scholar: Dr. Hatem al-Haj
Date: 06/22/2006

I am married but recently being away on a business trip, I happed to go to a adult club where I came in close contact with a dancer. We touched each other and kissed but there was no actual intercourse involved. I remain fully clothed and she had her top off. Is this act considered zina punishable by pelting? Please clarify. I shouldn`t have commited this act of sin and am ashamed of it.


All praise be to Allah, and may his peace and blessings be on the last and best prophet and messenger, Muhammad.


Since you are ashamed and you have repented sincerely, Allah is all forgiving, so don`t loose hope in his mercy and forgiveness.

The act you have committed – as you appear to know – is an offensive sin, and it is a form of fornication, as the Prophet (May Allah bless him and give him peace)  indicated that the eyes comit fornication by looking…etc. Yet, it is not the absolute zina punishable by al-hadd. (the prescribed punishment of zina, which is stoning in the case of a married man). The later must involve intercourse.

May Allah protect you, and save your deen and honor.


Allah knows best.