Fatwa ID: 77506
Title: Issues about Apostacy and the Repentance of the Apostate
Category: Basic Tenets of Faith (Belief)
Scholar: Dr.Salah Al-Sawy
Date: 01/21/2009

Assalam Alaykum wa rahamatu Allaahi wa barakatuh my beloved shaikh: Scholars have mentioned the types and signs of apostasy – I seek Allaah’s refuge from it – in their books; one of these types that causes one to apostate is cursing Allaah or His Messenger  (I seek refuge with Allaah from such act). O Shaikh, what are the proofs from Quran and the Noble Sunnah that show that a repentance of disbeliever or an apostate is accepted? And what are views of scholars in regards the ruling on who curse or insult Allaah or His Messenger  ? Also, are there any scholars who stated that repentance of those who curse or insult Allaah or His messenger shall not be accepted? So, if a disbleiber or a Muslim who apostate curse or insult Allaah or His Messenger – I seek Allaah’s refuge from such acts – in public and they fight Muslims and Islam, would their repentance be accepted? And if there is anyone who says that their acceptance will not be accepted, what do they mean by this statement? And, if someone insult or curse Allaah or His Messenger – I seek refuge with Allaah from such act – but this incident did not reach to the ruler or judge then afterward this person repented between him and Allaah, would his repentance be accepted? And if a man suffer Devils suggestions and whispers about these topics – as in the case when devil start to whisper to someone that he committed such act – what is the solution to this? It is possible that devil come to a man and whisper to him that he really did such act and that he has no repentance at all. So, My shaikh, please be detailed while answering my question and May Allaah Reward you bountifully.

In the name of Allaah, the Benevolent, the Merciful. All praise is due to Allaah, and peace and blessings be upon the messenger of Allaah, his family, companions, and those loyal to him. Verily, sincere repentance erases all preceded sins and there are no sins that repentance cannot erase. Allaah says: {Say to those who disbelieve to stop (i.e. their sins) and Allaah shall forgive them for their past sins}. As for those scholars who say that repentance of a person who insult Allaah or His Messenger shall not accepted, mean that repentance does not lift up the set punishment for cursing and insulting the Prophet  i.e. execution. Because the Prophet  is the one who was actually wronged and insulted and he is no longer alive, therefore, he is not alive to practice his right to forgive him for what he did. Also, no Muslim is ever is entitled or authorized to forgive on the Prophet’s behalf. As for the whispers then seek Allaah’s refuge from them and do not submit yourself to them because you are far away from daring to commit such act and I assume you, and Allaah is your reckoner and we do not put forward our praise over Allaah’s judgment, to be a person who glorify Allaah’s Messenger and have full hearted with love. And Allaah, the Most High, Knows best.