Dr. Main Al-Qudah Ph.D

Dr. Main Al-Qudah Ph.D

Dr Main is an experienced lecturer in Islamic Studies. In his teaching career, he has provided instruction and training to learners at schools as well as college level. He also served as an Imam of several Islamic centers throughout the United States and abroad. Additionally, he is a certified as a memorizer of the whole Qur’an with an Ijazah (License) to teach it to others.

He obtained his Ph.D. in 2004 in the science and technology of Economics in Islam from the American Open University. His received his masters in Islamic Studies in 1996 from Al-Yarmook University, Jordan and his Bachelor of Arts in Economics, 1991 from Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt. He has a certification to recite and teach Quran (Ijazah) and memorization with an uninterrupted chain of correct readers that continues back to the Prophet Muhammad (prayers and peace be upon him.

Currently the shaykh is an assistant professor of Islamic studies in the American Open University and an Imam of MAS Katy Center in Houston Texas. He was the acting academic dean and Assistant professor at Islamic American University and a research assistant at Al-Yarmook University.

Some of the courses taught by the shaykh:

  • Islamic Jurisprudence of Financial Transactions
  • Islamic Jurisprudence of Worship
  • Analytical Interpretation of Hadith
  • Muslim Family Law
  • Islamic Economic System
  • Islamic Financial System
  • Hadith Sciences
  • Reasoning Analysis of Muslim Jurists Disagreements
  • Quran Recitation and Memorization, basic, intermediate, and advanced level
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