Academic Seminars

Part of AMJA’s vision is to enlighten and empower Muslims by educating them the principles of their religion. Our seminars are specialized and focused in matters of jurisprudence in various areas. They are prepared and presented by scholars and students of knowledge who have an extended knowledge of the subject matter.

You can request a specific seminar by emailing us at

You should bring AMJA to your community if:

  • You want to understand the impact of Halal and Haram in your life
  • Kick-start the journey of discovering the absolute amazing-ness of Islam.
  • You want to understand the classical and contemporary issues of Fiqh like Zakah, Fasting, and Hajj.
  • You want to feel the benefits of a heart that is attached to the workshop of Allah
  • You want to learn how to correct the most common mistakes in prayer
  • You want to have a firm understanding of why we worship Allah in the way we do.