Dr. Main Al-Qudah Ph.D

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Dr. Main Al-Qudah Ph.D

Dr. Main Al-Qudah Ph.D

Dr Main is an experienced lecturer in Islamic Studies. In his teaching career, he has provided instruction and training to learners at schools as well as college level. He also served as an Imam of several Islamic centers throughout the United States and abroad. Additionally, he is a certified as a memorizer of the whole Qur’an with an Ijazah (License) to teach it to others.

Summary of Student Loans in the United States: Facts and Rulings By Dr. Maain Khalid al-Qudaah   This is an important issue to discuss because the cost of a college education is increasing and the need for a college education is something agreed upon by all intelligent people. Therefore, one must ask: What is the default ruling concerning student loans? What is the ruling if there is no viable alternative to a student loan for a person’s education? If it is permissible, is it permissible in order to obtain a higher degree or one must one discontinue such loans after completing the degree that one absolutely needs? General Statistics Muslims number about 6 to 7 million in the United States. By 2014, the number will increase to 16 million. 65% of those Muslims are under the age of 40, with 1.5 million being at least eighteen years old. These statistics show...
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Posted by on in Aqeedah
Yesterday, Muslims were waiting for Ramadan, however, today they are saying goodbye to it, as if this month were moments long. And as this month passed quickly, life does, and so people die and move to the hereafter. The end of Ramadan reminds us with the closeness of death. The end of Ramadan reminds us with the saying of the prophet SAAW, “Live in this world like a stranger or a bye-passer”. Ibn Omar used to say, “If you wake up, don’t wait for the evening, and if you reach the evening, don’t wait for the morning. Take advantage of your good health and your life”. The end of Ramadan reminds us with the saying of Nooh SAAW, who lived more than thousand years. When death came to him, he was asked about life, he said, “My example with life is just like a person enters a house that has two...
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Posted by on in Investment
30 years ago the United States enjoyed a pro business tax and regulatory environment . As a result, inflation in most periods was under control and the market enjoyed a dramatic expansion. One obvious reason was the collapse of the Soviet Union; which resulted in an explosion of productivity, free trade, low interest rates and wealth creation. The bull market experienced two major blows. One the dot com bubble ending and the 9-11 terrorist attack. Because of inflation that was low in historical standards the fed resorted to cutting rates even further to stimulate the economy. The aggressive easing of monetary policy accelerated the lending process. Mean while; and on the global arena the collapse of communism and the dilution of socialism lead to the rise of China, India and the emerging economies. Real estate’s last bubble was in the 1980’s which only began to recover in the late 1990’s. As...
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