AMJA Distinctive Features

AMJA Distinctive Features

Specialization: All AMJA members are holders of Ph.D. in Islamic Shari’ah.

Neutrality: AMJA is owned by the whole Islamic nation and is a general joint scientific forum where all activists working for Allah’s religion all over the world meet away from factional coalitions or current organizational groups.

Combining between knowledge of Shari’ah and recognition of the reality. Like jurists, AMJA comprises an equal number of experts who enable jurists to deeply discern the reality where fatawa apply; “a fatwa” as scholars say is the knowledge of necessity in the reality. Juristic assemblies all over the world scrutinize medical issues like the transplant of body organs, human-made fertilization and human cloning, etc. However nobody says that the jurist is necessarily to be a physician so as to able to give a fatwa on these issues, but it is enough for him to know all details of such matters through those experts related to such assemblies; albeit those experts do not participate in the vote of deciding a juristic opinion.

Among those experts are professional experienced members like economists, lawyers, politicians, information officials, and those who are field-experienced members like Imams and directors of Islamic centers or those who work in the Islamic financial and information institutions, etc.

The availability of a seven-Shari’ah Ph.D. holder-permanent committee for fatwa-giving, residing in the US and responsible for presenting answers to daily issues submitted to the AMJA and unanimously issuing its decision.

The availability of a committee of fatwa-consultants consisting of eight prominent fatwa-givers in the Islamic nation to which the permanent committee has recourse in need, using the highest international communication technologies including Emails and AMJA website on the internet that make contacting those in Tokyo as fast as those in Washington.

The availability of a close link between AMJA and other preceding assemblies; where the base is the coordination as well as the integration and not competition, discordance, or contradiction. Thus the membership in AMJA is available for the members of other assemblies with whom the provisions of AMJA membership correspond as shown by the main system of the Assembly. AMJA constitutes an additional power for the existing efforts; in a way of establishing coordination, combination, among them as well as enforcing the link among them on one hand and with the jurists of the Islamic nation all over the world on the other.