3rd AMJA Canadian Imams’ Conference

Early Bird Registration Deadline: August 31st, 2019
Registration Deadline: Registration maximum capacity reached.

Topics for the 3rd AMJA Canadian Imams’ conference Contemporary Financial Issues

Retirement Accounts and Their Rulings

  1. Different Types of Retirement Accounts with Respect to Being Able to Withdraw Funds from Them
  2. The Zakaat Ruling for the Various Types of Retirement Funds
  3. Mixed Accounts (Having Pure and Haraam Funds) and not Being Able to Free Oneself from the Haraam Aspects
  4. Withdrawing and Borrowing from Retirement Accounts
  5. Investment Funds and what is Permitted or Forbidden Concerning Them

Contemporary Issues related to Buying Real Estate

  1. Taking Advantage of Government Loans in order to Buy a House.
  2. Home Lease Crisis and Necessity Applicability

New issues related to the Financial Matters and Mosques

  1. What is the ruling concerning holding an auction in the mosque to sell something that was donated for the benefit of the mosque?
  2. What is the ruling concerning assigning a fixed percentage of donors’ funds to the one who does the fund raising?
  3. What is the ruling concerning delaying the distribution of the Zakaat al-Fitr that is collected by the mosques due to benefit or need? Should Zakaat al-Fitr be kept in its own account or can it be simply added to other general funds?
  4. Is it a must that the Zakaat al-Fitr be distributed as food given that it causes great hardship upon the administration of the Islamic Centers?
  5. Is it permissible to send the surplus of the Zakaat al-Fitr to foreign lands via one of the relief or other agencies? Or is it a must that it is distributed locally?
  6. Is it permissible to borrow from the general funds and give that money to the poor before the Eid Prayer given that a large number of people pay their Zakaat al-Fitr just prior to the Eid Prayer?
  7. What is the ruling concerning doing fundraising during the Friday khutbah? Is it true what is said concerning the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) preparing an army and the Companions responding to him during the Friday khutbah?
  8. Is it permissible to solicit donations between the khutbah and the iqaamah for the prayer? Is it permissible to pass donation boxes among the rows of worshippers while the Khateeb is sitting during the break of the Friday Khutbah?
  9. What is the ruling concerning using zakat funds to build, improve or maintain a mosque?
  10. What is the ruling concerning the investment of surplus mosque funds and having the returns be an endowment for the benefit of the mosque?

Contemporary Financial Issues related to New Muslims

  1. Wrongful wealth and rights and mixed wrongful wealth earned before Islam (Distinguishing between what occurred in the past and what is currently occurring.)
  2. Taking care of a new Muslim with zakaat money due to need or to bring him closer to Islam
  3. Unknowingly not paying the zakaat for a number of years.
  4. Zakaat on wealth attained through forbidden means
  5. When is it mandatory upon him to leave his forbidden type of work.

Other Contemporary Financial Issues

  1. Payments for Physical or non-Physical Damages and the Extremes that the Payments go to
  2. Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Fees & Guidelines

Date: September 21-22

Early Bird Cost: (Registration completed and paid by August 31st, 2019)
$50 for Imams, $80 for students of knowledge.
Regular Cost:
$100 for Imams, $160 for students of knowledge


  • Meals on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Conference Materials


  • Participants are responsible for their accommodation.
  • No children under 16 years of age are allowed in conference halls.
  • No accommodations for childcare will be provided.