Public Statement from the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA)

Public Statement from the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA)

In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Most Mercifu

Islam & the United States

AMJA recognizes that human brotherhood is the basic principle that should govern the relations between all peoples and nations. Therefore, the pursuit of peace and goodwill between all nations should be a desirable objective for all members of the human family. In this light, AMJA rejects any ideology or effort that aims to put the United States of America and Islam in conflict. Such conflict will only lead to human suffering and loss of valuable opportunities for mutual cooperation. AMJA does not support the propagation of enmity and violence towards the American people and their institutions.  We also recognize that the laws of the United States of America secure the religious and civil rights of Muslims.

  1. In case of a conflict between a Muslim country and the United States, Muslims in America are encouraged to play an active role in bridging this divide and bringing about a peaceful resolution.
  2. AMJA considers the citizenship of any country, whether acquired by birth or emigration, to be a binding covenant, which spells out the impermissibility of betraying one’s country and people. The sanctity of the blood and property of those with whom Muslims have a covenant is that of the sanctity of Muslim blood and property. AMJA calls upon the American Muslim community to play a positive role within their country and along with their compatriots towards the actualization of the general welfare of their nation. To this end, AMJA has conducted two conferences concerning the Islamic jurisprudence governing participation in the American political system and interfaith dialogue.
  3. AMJA denounces in the strongest terms possible, the call of killing innocent civilians and the targeting of American Institutions. We consider these views extreme and un-Islamic, and in the struggle to counter violent extremism we stand united with all other respectable religious authorities across the Muslim world.  AMJA has issued numerous fatwas combating violent ideologies, and most recently relating to the tragedy in Fort Hood, Texas.  Numerous AMJA scholars have a long track record combating violent extremism and fanatical religious views. .
  4. An integral part of civic duty is for citizens including American Muslims to voice dissent and hold their government accountable when domestic and  foreign policies swerve from justice. This is a divine obligation, as well as a national duty; for it is by justice do nations thrive and prosper.
  5. AMJA was founded to provide guidance for Muslims living in North America. AMJA is a religious organization that does not exploit religion to achieve any political ends, but instead provides practical solutions within the guidelines of Islam and the nation’s laws to the various challenges experienced by Muslim communities.
  6. AMJA would note that the legal verdicts displayed on our website are meant for Muslims and related to their experiences. As within every major religion, there are unique jurisprudence particularities, so we invite anyone who would like to request further clarification on our jurisprudent rulings to contact our organization.
  7. Finally, AMJA extends its gratitude to all who would wish to offer it advice and constructive criticism, and we have begun a review of the language used in some of our legal verdicts so as to avoid any future misunderstandings by the public. Moving forward, fatwa (jurisprudent/legal opinions) concerning sensitive topics will be answered by a committee of our scholars and not a single individual.