Building an Effective Online Presence


As we move post COVID, having an online presence remains an essential tool for imams. The aim of the workshop is to help you — the imam — reach a larger and broader segment of your community by building an effective online presence. This workshop provides an overview of the complete video production process. You learn everything you need to produce effective, professional-looking, yet affordable videos to deliver your message with impact.

Skills and insights include:

  • Pre-production

    • Optimal setups for lectures, sermons, interviews, and events

    • How to use lighting effectively

    • How to choose the best and most affordable equipment for your audio and video production

  • Post-production: Editing your video using free/open software

  • Livestreaming your lectures and khutbahs

    • The best and most affordable equipment

    • Available platforms, with insights into pros and cons of each


Mohamed Al-Darsani: Founder and Imam of Islamic Center for Peace. Has 15 years’ experience in Islamic media. Participated in producing a number of documentary films such as “Islam: the Hidden Truth” and “Islam: Seekers of Knowledge.” Producer of the documentary “One Nation under God: an Untold Story,” which documents the success and contributions of Muslims in the US. Also produced several TV programs such as “Path to Guidance,” and established the EMAN TV channel.

Mohammad Wafed Ahdali: Filmmaker, YouTuber, IT manager and TV show director. Currently Media Department Supervisor and IT Manager of MCIS Center, Houston. Previous experience included media department manager at a nonprofit, IT department manager at a public medical establishment, 3D designer, video editor, DP, webmaster, programmer, and recently a YouTuber.