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Fatwa ID: 2134
Category: Family and Personal Affairs
Scholar: Dr. Main Khalid Al-Qudah
Date: 10/27/2006

Asalam Alaykum, Everyone has been against Polygamy in Islam even among the majority of the Muslims, with all due humbleness, I would you the Scholars of Islam give me TEN ISLAMIC REASONS AND ANOTHER TEN RATIONAL REASONS FOR POLYGAMY IN ISLAM. I am requesting these in order to live and believe outside dogmatism. Please, May All strengthened your knowledge.


Polygamy in Islam is permissible for different reasons, like:

1- The sexual energy of men is more than that of women in general. So, in some cases, one wife is not enough to fulfill the conjugal desire of her husband.

2- Pregnancy and delivery negatively affect the shape and physical attraction that women have.

3- World wide, the percentage of females is always more than that of males, eventually, there must be a solution, either to permit adultery and prostitution, or to allow polygamy.

4- One husband could take care of more than one wife at the same time; socially, financially, and even sexually as I mentioned above. However, the opposite is not right because of the physical and psychological capability that Allah the all mighty gave men.