Fatwa ID: 21795
Title: Are Christian and Jews Kuffar/Mushrikin?
Category: Basic Tenets of Faith (Belief)
Scholar: Dr. Main Khalid Al-Qudah
Date: 07/22/2007

Dear brothers Assalamu Alaikum!

Question is:

1. Should we Muslim say any dua (supplication) when a Kuffar dies.


Please explain in details.

2. Are Christian and Jews Kuffar/Mushrik?

One of the Imam told me that Allah Subhanah w taala never mentioned them (Chrsitian and Jews) as Mushrikin. I am not an Alim - but my question is how can that be - Obviously they take Jesus Alaihi Assalam as God`s son or as Roman Catholic God. Please educate me on this.

3. I also heard in an Islamic Lecture by Sheikh Feiz (Australian Scholar) that Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) said to say " O dweller of hellfire dwell in hell" when passing by a non muslim`s grave?

Please educate.

Thank you for your time



Our belief is that Islam is the final divine religion, supersedes all other divine religions, and that all other religions are abrogated by the prophet hood of Mohammad PBUH. In another words; no one has the right to stay on his/her Christianity or Judaism after the prophecy of Mohammad PBUH.

Based on the above, if any one from the people of scriptures has received the message of Islam clearly, yet, insisted on his belief, then he is- from an Islamic perspective- a disbeliever.

Our doctrine is that paradise is granted for all original Muslims, and for those who embraced Islam after acknowledging the prophecy of Mohammad PBUH.

Meanwhile, we believe that hellfire is granted for the disbelievers, which include anyone did not believe in the prophet hood of the messenger that he/she lived during his/her life. This includes anyone that received the message of Islam, and passed away before embracing Islam.

However, we-Muslims- are not supposed to judge any particular individual by declaring that he is among the dwellers of paradise or hellfire, since we could not go through others` hearts, except for those we have been informed by Allah SWT or His Prophet PBUH that those particular individuals are among the dwellers of paradise or hellfire. We must leave this to Allah SWT alone.

Allah knows best.